Cruise Iceland

skrifað 30. Jan 2013
byrjar 30. Jan 2013

Skipakostur is now a member of Cruise Iceland

Skipakostur is a ship chandler and ship catering supplies company based in Reykjavík.

Skipakostur began operations in 2004 primarily to service the domestic shipping, at the beginning of 2011 we also have activities in the service of foreign vessels and operators, and we have since then passed an array of fishing ships, container ships and cruise ships. We specialize in services to companies and related parties. We follow the fast after all of our products from our suppliers with are of the very best quality.

Skipakostur store that specializes in the sale of products on board foreign ships that come to Iceland and Icelandic ships are on their way out of the country.

Skipakostur employees have decades of experience in servicing the ships and crews and strive to provide customers with excellent service.

Skipakostur is open weekdays and processed goods to the buyer free of charge.

Skipakostur charge of a guard on duty instead of ships handled in Reykjavik and to contact the customs in the district where the facility is to be made when necessary.

Skipakostur offers total solutions in the market and offers its clients fresh, chilled, frozen and ambient products along with cleaning products.

Skipakostur also operates a duty free warehouse for vessels destined for over sea travel.

Whatever you need, provisions, bounded store, safety equipment, spare parts, deck or engine stores.